User manual binatone trek 100 pdf

A. b. c. d. SCAN continuous loop from channels 1 to 8. This allows you to find the channel scan pauses on the active channel until the active signal stops. If you press the button while the scan is paused on an active channel the. Changes from 1 to 8 as selected by the user. Displays the Speaker volume level. Antenna LCD Screen -Displays the current channel selection and other radio symbols. MENU / (Power) Button -(Menu) Press to program the PMR settings. 3. Operation 3.1 Turning the Unit ON/OFF 3.2 Adjusting the Speaker volume There are 8 volume levels. To adjust the speaker volume, press the (UP) button to increase, or press the (DOWN ) button to decrease. See Figure 3. b. Install 3 x 1.5V AAA/LR03 regular Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries by following the orientation as shown in Figure 3. c. Replace the Battery Compartment Cover. d. CALL button - Press to send a ringing tone to other PMR units. TALK ) button - Press and hold to transmit. USER GUIDE Private mobile radio 1. LCD Screen Channel Number. You can use the CALL button to send a tone to other users on the same channel. To activate this feature; Binatone Help Line. Installation 2.1 Removing the Belt Clip a. TREK 100. Private mobile radio. 2. Installation 2.1 Removing the Belt Clip a. Pull the Belt Clip Latch away from the PMR. b. While pulling the Belt Clip Latch, push. Refer to the "Changing Channel" section for more information. When the TALK and/or CALL buttons are continuously pressed, your PMR cannot receive any transmissions. To Turn ON; a. Press and hold the (Power) button. At low power mode, the PMR will transmit at reduced transmitting range but could extend the battery life. c. Press the TALK button again to confirm your selected power level. Note: Refer to the "Channel Table" section of this Owners Manual for detailed frequency listing. Owner s Manual for advanced features. Digital Camera. Model No. DMC-LX100. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this. While holding the TALK button, speak into the mic (microphone) in a normal tone of voice. Release the TALK button when stargate alliance pc iso you have finished transmitting. a. b. c. Important: In order for other people to receive your transmission, they must also be on the same.