Pdf to word without losing formatting

In most cases, a PDF does not even store information about where one word ends and another begins, much less things like soft breaks vs. hard breaks for paragraph endings. (A few recent PDFs do store some information about this stuff, but that's a new. Draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name Email discard By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. The example above all the text in the table is editable but that in the pie chart, and in the logos obviously, is not. You may also have problems with speed once you start working on the file if the document is very complex and. Different software is going to do this better than others, and it's also going to depend on how the PDF was made. In any case, you should never expect perfect results. See, e.g., calibre (which sea-doo jet boat service manuals can convert to RTF format pdftohtml/pdfreflow or the AbiWord word processor (with all import/export plugins enabled). There's also a PDF import plugin for OpenOffice. But please don't expect perfection with any of these results. You're going against the grain here. PDF just is not meant as an editable input format. Firstly, you have to understand what a PDF is. PDFs are designed to mimic a printed page, and they are designed only as an output format, not an input format. a PDF is basically a map containing the exact location of characters (individual letters or. Even if you did, your PDF viewer might not know about it.) Anyway, it's up to your software to implement some kind of "artificial intelligence" to extract merely from the locations of individual characters what is a word, what is a paragraph, and so on. But thats not the fault of the file conversion (it helps if you dont have a million browser windows open plus TweetDeck running in the background. Not that Id ever be guilty of that). Having the output PDF is not the same as having the source document. Far better to try to obtain that if you can. The standard solution to your kind of problem is to use Adobe Acrobat Professional (the expensive one, not the free reader) to. I took part in a conversation on Twitter recently about converting files from PDF to Word without losing the formatting. In this case, it was for translation purposes but there are plenty of other circumstances where this would come in handy.