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If you crack your david sedaris naked pdf own back or neck, youre not alone. Studies show that many of us commonly crack our knuckles, necks and even even our toes on a regular basis. But is it safe? Lay on your back (supine) on an even surface that has some padding (such as carpet or a yoga mat) so your spine doesn't get bruised. Bring both knees up to your chest with your arms until you feel some mild-to-moderate stretching within your back. Use your feet to move your body over the foam, so that your entire spine is massaged (at least 10 minutes). Repeat as many times as necessary, although your muscles might be a little sore after the first time your use a foam roller. 5. Rotation of the spine can crack most areas of your back, especially the lumbar region or low back. While standing with your feet shoulder-width apart (for stability and balance place your arms in front of you, bent at the elbows. 2 Get a "bear hug. " A very common way to crack the mid back is to have someone give you a tight hug from the front. Some extension is needed to release the joints and it certainly helps if the person performing the hug. With the foot of the bent leg on the ground, push with it and rotate your torso in the opposite direction, using your hands to stabilize you and induce more rotation. Conservative chiropractic care for neck pain will then follow with a. Report of Findings where the chiropractor will explain the results of the exam and suggest a written treatment plan to restore normal motion to your joints.