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It is hoped that this work may also prove useful to students of linguistic science in general. Hitherto such students have been greatly hampered by the current orthography of many languages. Similarly it has been found desirable to place ou (as in 'old before simple o (as in 'molest in the alphabetical order. To the e group we have assigned s (as in 'ail a: (as in 'earl and a (as in 'allow and to the. VIII - on their formation, we have arranged them in 5 groups, viz. vowels which may be roughly classed as belonging to the types a, e, i, o, u. The difference of sound quality between i: (as in 'eel and i (as in 'ill. Further, the fact that so many speakers make a difference in sound between simple e (as in 'ell and the first element of the diphthong ei (as in 'ale rendered it desirable to treat the words containing ei as a separate class, and place ei. 443. The fixing of a satisfactory alphabetical order of the sounds was a matter of no small difficulty, particularly in the case of the vowels. As it was not possible to arrange the whole of the vowels in a logically correct order depending ) This. E. one in which the words appear as actually pronounced and are arranged accordiug to their sounds, the current spelling being added after each word). A dictionary of this kind has many uses. Search the history of over 505 billion pages on the Internet. search Search the Wayback Machine. SHOP NOW by, 6:40 PM PDT