Aircrack-ng - a 802.11 wep / wpa-psk

5) That's it! The two files Abel. exe and Abel. dll will automatically be copied to the remote machines first writable share found i.e. C:winnt, C:Windows the service will automatically be installed and started. NOTE : Cain will automatically try to detect if the remote machine is running  a x64 operating system, than it will copy the 64-bit version of the above files (Abel64.exe and Abel64.dll) accordingly. Exe to install the service (it is not automatically started) 3) Start the service using the Windows Service Manager (c) REMOTE INSTALLATION : 1) Use the "Network TAB" in Cain and choose the target remote computer where you want to install Abel. Installation Files. Cain's setup program will install and/or replace these files in your system: - Cain. exe the main executable program - g author's PGP signature of the file Cain. exe - CA_m this file - Abel. Abel can be installed locally or remotely (using Cain) and requires Administrator's privileges on the target machine. LOCAL INSTALLATION : 1) Copy the files Abel. exe and Abel. dll into the WINNT directory (E.G.: C:WINNT or C:Windows) 2) Launch Abel. Please check the documentation on their site. - Airpcap Packet Driver (for passive wireless sniffer / WEP cracker). Setup Just run the Self-Installing executable package and follow the installation instructions. The package will copy all the files needed by the program into the installation directory. Exe the uninstallation program - Wordlist. txt a little word list file - Install. log the log file of the installation package, you can check everything modified on your system here - Whatsnew. Dll, Kernel32.dll, Advapi32.dll, User32.dll, samsrv. dll. Post installation generated files Cain will create the following files (comma separated list files) in the program's installation directory: Cracker - T contains a list of credentials of type APOP -MD5 - T contains a list of credentials of. Abel Installation Abel is a Windows NT service composed of two files: "Abel. exe" and "Abel. dll" (Abel64.exe and Abel64.dll for x64 systems). These files are copied by the installation package into the program's directory but the service is NOT automatically installed on the system. Cain Abel is a two part program distributed at as a Self-Installing executable package named "ca_setup. exe". Cain (Cain. exe) is the main GUI application, Abel is a Windows service composed by two files: Abel. Txt contains differences between versions - oui. txt a list file that contains vendor's information about MAC addresses - Installation Dir winrtgenwinrtgen. exe Winrtgen - a windows utility to generate Rainbow Tables - Installation Dir g author's PGP signature of the file winrtgen. Registry Modifications Like any other setup program Cain involves making changes to your registry. Whenever registry changes are made, it is always advisable to backup your registry first. Cain's settings are all located under the HKEY _CURRENT _USERS oftwareCain registry key. Exe the executable of the Windows service named Abel - g author's PGP signature of the file Abel. exe - Abel. dll a DLL file needed by the program - g author's PGP signature of the file Abel. Dependencies Cain. exe depends on or requires the following libraries: Abel. dll, Crypt32.dll, Pstorec. dll, Kernel32.dll, Advapi32.dll, Comctl32.dll, Comdlg32.dll, Gdi32.dll, Iphlpapi. dll, Mpr. dll, NetApi32.dll, Odbc32.dll, Ole32.dll, Oleaut32.dll, Packet. dll (Winpcap Rasapi32.dll, Rpcrt4.dll, Shell32.dll, User32.dll, Wpcap.